Join Us for TransCode 2024

Help us change the world. Join us for the biggest transgender+ hackathon in history, and contribute your skills to empower the trans community through technology.

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Get Involved

Participate Virtually or In-Person

Whether you’re coding from home or collaborating onsite, TransCode is dedicated to creating the most accessible hybrid experience possible.

Tackle Real-World Problems

TransCode is focused on issues such as economic empowerment, social services, and community sustainability. Work on projects that have a tangible impact on the transgender+ community.

Build Connections That Matter

Beyond coding, this event is about building lasting relationships. Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from top tech innovators, and get inspired by the stories of transgender+ leaders.

Our History

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Trans*H4CK, founded by Dr. Kortney Ziegler in 2013, was the first hackathon to address issues specific to the transgender+ community through technology. Although its last event took place in 2017, its impact reverberated across the tech world; empowering trans developers, designers, and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Ten years after this inaugural event, we at are excited to announce that we are partnering with Dr. Zeigler and Naomi Ceder of Trans*Code to reignite this pioneering spirit-- once again connecting coders, designers, and activists to create tech solutions for transgender+ issues.

Together,, Dr. Ziegler, and Naomi Ceder are proud to expand this vital platform for transgender+ visibility and innovation in tech.

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